“Super stretchy, light and cool design makes for a great wetsuit”

Price: $219.99

I love this wetsuit, I wear it all through the summer. It keeps me protected from the sun and yet warm enough.. I wear this every single day, sometimes I stay in it all day.

This is a summer suit 1mm thick so even on a 40 degrees summer day where the water is warm, I still wear this suit and do not overheat.
I have only just swapped over to a steamer.

The Searchers Springsuit has has E-Stitch high stretch seams. Its a tight fit on me and does not let any water in except for sometimes a little down the neck when falling or duckdiving. But Ripcurl have added rubber on the bikini bottom front and back which creates extra grip, sticking to your body to not allow water in or the wetsuit to ride up giving. This is a huge bonus for me!

Perfect fit! Super stretchy, light and cool design with pretty colours makes for a great wetsuit.
This is my summer/spring go to wetsuit, I wear all day everyday it has lasted without stretching out of shape. Super stretchy allows me to paddle easily.


  • Front zip
  • 100% 1mm E4 neoprene
  • E-stitch stretch seams
  • Surf grip on leg openings to keep the bikini cut in place when surfing


  • For me the stylish design is  why i choose this wetsuit with the added feature of glue around the bottom seams to prevent it from moving.
  • I love how stretchy and comfortable this wetsuit is


  • Maybe a little more coverage on the bottom
  • Apart from that i love everything about this suit.

Blogged By: Amelie Lowrie