“The most comfortable steamer I’ve ever owned!”

Price: $599.99
Link: http://www.ripcurl.com.au/shop/guys/wetsuits/steamers/flashbomb-32gb-zfree-str.html

I’ve been wearing flash bombs for the last 4 years and will definitely get another one for this season.
The zip free entry eliminates the extra weight and stiffness of the zipper and makes the suit unbelievably comfortable to paddle in. Additionally; unlike the chest/back zip Flash Bombs the zip free doesn’t feature rubber panels on the chest and back – sacrificing a bit of warmth/wind protection for even more comfort. However, due to the flash lining and fully sealed seams I still find the suit easily warm enough for Newcastle winters.
The flash dry lining features two layers which have been engineered to funnel water straight out of the suit and means that it is fine to put back on immediately after taking off and dry in 15 minutes. As well as this it’s fluffy, comfy, warm and seems to make it easier to slide your legs through when putting it on.


  • Zip free
  • E5 neoprene
  • Glued and blind stitched seams that are fully sealed with neoprene tape
  • Flash dry lining from chest to ankles
  • S-flex knees
  • Magnetic key stash pocket


  • Ridiculously comfortable
  • Flash lining means, no matter often you surf; you will never have to put on a wet wetsuit
  • Really warm due to the lining and sealed seams


  • The zip free makes the suit a bit harder to get in and out of, however after a bit of use the entry system stretches out and you will get the technique dialled

Blogged By: Tim