“Perfect for those early morning winter sessions with freezing wind”

Price: $699.99
Link: http://www.ripcurl.com.au/shop/guys/wetsuits/steamers/flashbomb-43gb-czip-stmr.html

At the start of this winter along with a 3/2 zip free, I also ordered a 4/3mm chest zip for the freezing early morning sessions and went with the Flash Bomb as the quick dry lining is better than sliced bread.  I wore it for the first time last Wednesday during the big south swell and the thicker neoprene/rubber panels were perfect for combating the wind chill during long gaps between sets.  Despite having 3mm over my shoulders the suit was surprisingly comfortable to paddle in and I had no trouble during my 4 hour session in it.

This year’s chest zip Flash Bomb’s (both 3/2 & 4/3mm) now include an exterior liquid seal as well as the interior neoprene tape, which will keep the seams completely water tight for even longer.


  • Chest zip entry
  • Rubber panels on the chest/back
  • New E5 neoprene
  • New E5 flash dry lining (from chest to ankles)
  • Double sealed seams; E5 taped interior and new aquaban liquid seal exterior


  • Ridiculously warm
  • Rubber chest/back panels are great at blocking cold wind
  • Flash lining means you can surf almost immediately after taking it off


  • Too warm for the Newcastle area during Autum/Spring
  • Not as comfortable too paddle in as a 3/2mm

Blogged By: Tim