“Great, stretchy neoprene – making it super comfortable”

Price: $450
Link: http://www.ripcurl.com.au/shop/guys/wetsuits/steamers/e-bomb-zfree-22gb-ssl-s.html

Overview: This short arm is amazing, super comfortable and light weight (feels like wearing nothing at all). I find it great as a transition suit from boardies to a steamer and perfect for spring/autumn when the wind gets cold and the water temp drops. I chose the E-bomb after doing a stretch test in store as the neoprene felt the best of its competitors and I was after the lightest and strechiest suit possible.

Warmth: When jumping in the water the E4 taped seals are amazing and prevent any water coming through, keeping me pretty warm for a short arm. It is not however suitable for the middle of winter as it does not have any additional lining and is only 2mm thick.

Comfort: The suit has a zip free entry which isn’t the easiest suit to put on, but once you work out a good technique to get into the suit it is super comfortable and will prevent you from ever having issues with a zipper seizing up.  Once you’re in the suit it is light, has plenty of movement, and doesn’t have an annoying zip restricting you. I give it a 10/10 in terms of comfort.


  • Zip free entry
  • 2mm thick
  • E4 and E4+ neoprene
  • E4 neoprene tape
  • Light weight with heaps of stretch
  • Magnetic key pocket
  • 12 month warranty on materials and 3 years on stitching


  • Super comfortable
  • No zip preventing any chance of zip seizing up
  • Light weight and stretchy
  • Great for spring and autumn
  • Great sealed seams
  • Good warranty over other brands (3 years on stitching)


  • Zip free is the hardest to get into (but worth the struggle)
  • Make sure you get a good tight fit as it will stretch out a little over time with use

Blogged By: Brad Fraser