“A must have for winter!”

Price: $499.99

The O’Neill Psycho One wetsuit keeps you comfortable while maintaining that warmth during the surf and still allowing flexibility and room to move, perfect for the cooler months to come. This wetsuit is ultra-light so it gives you more opportunity to move rather than feeling like you’re in a strait jacket that a lot of other wetsuits can have.

It consists of liquid seals and has a double seal collar which stops the dreadful cold flushes running through. The Psycho One has a minimal seam design which helps prevent those dreaded neck and under arm rashes! This wetsuit makes the early rises and late afternoons worth it!


  • Liquid seals and a double seal collar which maintains continuous warmth.
  • Minimal seam design preventing rashes


  • Ultra-warm with no cold flushes running through.
  • Super flexible and easily worn.
  • Great price compared to other wetsuits on the market


  • I couldn’t find anything wrong with this wetsuit as I’ve personally worn it and found no faults. It is by far the most comfortable steamer I’ve ever had.

Blogged By: Ben Hucker