“Light, Warm, Flexible and comfy, everything you could ask for!”

Price: $349.99
Link: https://au.oneill.com/5066-a00blk-blk-hyperfreakfuze2mms-sfull-a00

Ben’s Overview: The Hyperfreak short arm steamer is by far one of the best wetsuits I have ever come across! The Hyperfreak rubber is extremely flexible and so comfy that it feels like a second skin. This short arm steamer is perfect for those nice spring days as the weather is getting warmer though the water is still a little chilly. I find this wetsuit really benefits my paddling as I don’t feel restricted through the chest and shoulders and am able to move and paddle freely.

Ben Hucker

Ben Hucker

Mick’s Overview:
I love winter like every surfer does, but like most others I find the cold is sometimes, well cold. I myself find it hard to wear 3/2 full steamers, they’re amazing and warm but they wear me out compared to surfing in boardshorts. So, for all you guys who feel the same; 2mm short arm steamers are the go. Warm enough to keep you in the water and comfortable enough to surf all day. I’ve just had a crack at the O’Neill Hyper Freak with its Techno Butter rubber. Most major brands have awesome rubber to make life easy and O’Neill is no different. Sooo comfortable, you surf and don’t really feel weighed down. Longer surfs in comfort, more waves.


Recommended Use: Great for a second surf of the day or mid-day surf when the sun is out but the water is still a little chilly.


  • The new minimal seam design is another feature that allows this wetsuit to have extreme flexibility and maximum comfit which benefits the surfer.


  • I don’t have much bad to say about this wetsuit, it ticks all my boxes and is everything I could ask for in a wetsuit. Definitely recommended to all surfers out there!

Blogged By: Ben Hucker and Mick Adam