“The best wetsuit I have ever owned”

Price: $399.99

Ollie’s Overview:
The Flashbomb is an incredible wetsuit with many features that meet all my needs throughout the cold winter months, especially the early mornings. It is the best wetsuit I have ever owned, with exceptional features as well as a great look. What I love most about this wetsuit is;

  • It’s really comfortable to wear
  • Easy to move in
  • Looks great
  • Zip-Free makes it even easier to put on
  • It’s quick to dry
  • The neoprene taped seals kept all water out


I have had lots of good wetsuits, but nothing has been nearly as good as the junior flashbomb 4/3mm zip free wetsuit steamer.

Ellie’s Overview:
As the water has been getting colder and the early mornings are frostier I’m in this wetsuit 24/7. It’s the most comfortable and warmest 4/3 I’ve ever had. Previous 4/3 I’ve used have felt really heavy making them hard to paddle in, but this one feels light and provides so much flexibility when I’m surfing. It also dry’s so fast which is important for me as putting wet wetsuits on is the worst especially in winter. I can use this wetsuit in the early mornings and by the time I’m home from school its dry and ready to use again.


  • Super fast drying
  • Very light and flexible making it easy to do big turns and paddle out
  • Zip free
  • Doesn’t let water in
  • Makes cold water feel like a warm bath
  • Can wear it all day and still be comfortable


  • I really don’t have any bad things to say about this wetsuit, it is by far the best I’ve ever had

Blogged By: Ollie & Ellie (The A-Team)