“One of the comfiest and warmest suits I’ve used”

Overview: I’ve been using the Furnace Carbon comp suit for the past couple of chilling winter months, I must say I’m completely satisfied. I’ve always liked Billabong wetsuits and their snug fit. I was blown away with the warmth, especially how well the carbon lining regulates heat throughout the suit, along with its fast drying attributes. Cold and uninviting winter sessions are now a distant mirage in the past, every session is toasty and super comfortable, this suit makes me look forward to cold winter mornings.

Seams: The furnace carbon comp is partially welded and features GBS sealed seams. Internally the seams are pressure bonded, this all helps create a tight seal that doesn’t allow water to seep into the suit.



  • Furnace Carbon lining (From chest to upper legs).
  • Premium AX1 super flex neoprene.
  • Dry max chest zip entry.
  • Partially welded GBS sealed seams.



  • Carbon Furnace lining creates a ridiculously warm suit, that maintains heat during every session.
  • The fast drying qualities of the carbon lining, the suit is virtually dry after every use. Dreaded wet wetsuit surfs are a thing of the past.
  • The dry max chest zip entry that works as an extra seal to prevent flushing, similar concept to a bat wing. I found this one of the features of the suit, creating a tighter seal and super comfier mould around the chest and neck area.



  • Overall I can’t really fault this suit, other then the fact that creeping into the warmer days and end of winter, this suit will become too warm. I would of liked to see the carbon furnace material carried through the legs, maybe even throughout the whole suit in the future. I’m looking forward to next seasons furnace, either way ill be scratching to get my hands on one !

Erina Staff Member Dane Cameron enjoying the early.

Overall: This suit has kept me incedibly warm and stoked throughout this chilling winter, theres nothing worse then the dreaded chill of winter and nothing better then the waves winter brings. Either way as long as I’m in a comfortable and toasty wetsuit, theres nothing to complain about. Hats off to Billabong for this killer suit.

Blogged By: Dane Cameron