“You will never miss an early winter session again”

Price: $699.99

The big update for this year’s Flashbomb is the introduction of ‘Flex Energy’ neoprene which Rip Curl have been working on for around 3 years to generate heat when stretched. The Flex Energy panel runs from the top of the shoulders around to the lower back (you can see it on the inside of the suit from the darker colour of the flash lining). Rip Curl have also added ‘Thermo Shield’ panels (an update of the old smoothie panels found on previous suits) that run across the whole back and down the arms. The suit is also flash-lined the whole way through and 100% fully sealed with internal neoprene taped seams.

All up this makes it the warmest Flashbomb yet and definitely the warmest 3/2 I’ve ever had, perfect for sooks like me who really feel the cold – you will never miss an early winter session again. As usual Rip Curl’s neoprene is incredibly light, soft and stretchy and for such a warm wetsuit its amazing the movement and flexibility it allows you.


  • ‘Flex Energy’ Neoprene that generates heat when stretched
  • E5 Flash Lining – the good old quick dry lining from previous suits that’s fluffy, warm and means you never have to put on a wet wetsuit
  • Liquid Mesh smoothie panel on the chest to block wind and soak up sun
  • New Thermo Shield panels over the back and arms to block wind chill
  • Zip-Free Entry
  • Fully sealed internally with Flash Lining neoprene taping across all seams
  • Neoprene strength patches on critical points for added durability
  • Magnetic key pocket (which is on the side of the thigh and easy to get to unlike some of the stupid places some wetsuits have them)

Blogged By: Tim