“Great value for money”

Price: $399.99
Link: https://au.billabong.com/shop/product/mens-wetsuits-online/revolution-tri-bong-202-s-s-full-1

I got this steamer at the start of the season and been using it ever since. The chest zip entry is quite different to a lot other entries, but does make it easier to get into (bigger hole) and does create a better ne ck seal (double layer). The suit is light weight and very comfortable on and the amount of warmth you gain for its price is amazing. You get thermal lining, taped seams, top quality rubber and a double seal neck entry for $399.99. I would recommend this suit to any one that doesn’t want to spend top dollar but still wants a premium suit. Also if you are a back zip user and want to try a chest zip. This entry will make that transition easier.


  • Internal fibre thermal lining for warmth
  • Evolution chest zip entry
  • GBS seams and internal taped seal
  • Tri-bomb colour ways and panelling
  • 3/2mm thickness
  • Light weight, stretchy neoprene

Warmth: 7/10. Thermal lining on the chest to knee panels creates a lot of warmth. However, I need a bit more thickness and/or more thermal lining on those super cold days or early mornings.

Seals: 8/10. Great neck seal as I barely had water flush down the neck. The suit isn’t 100% taped seams (like top end suits) but does have a GBS seal on arms and legs as well as taped from chest to knees.

Comfort: 8/10. Super comfortable once you wear the suit in; a combination of light weight neoprene, minimal panelling and chest zip entry enables you to gain plenty of movement and stretch


  • Great value for money
  • Really good neck seal
  • Easy entry for a chest zip
  • Comfortable suit due to stretchy neoprene and minimal panelling
  • Thermal lining on the inside increases warmth


  • Not 100% taped seams (would need to buy a top end suit for that)
  • The neck is quite tight when you first wear it but will get better with more use

Blogged By:  Brad Fraser