“The Best Steamer Ever.”

Price: $599.99


This is the best steamer ever.
Billabong’s Graphene has lived up to the hype and is comfortably the warmest wetsuit lining I’ve ever worn – as someone who really feels the cold in the surf, it’s perfect for me. This is especially noticeable when you’re doing a lot of paddling  – it heats up unlike anything else and stays warm through your whole sesssion!

Aside from the Graphene the stretch in the neoprene is amazing; they seem to get better every single year and the suit is 100% fully sealed with external welded seams that keep it completely water tight. This seal is definitely helped by Billabong’s Drymax entry system which has an internal hood that goes over your head before the zip section and so far has been bullet proof. All up the Furnace Ultra will keep you warm, comfortable and surfing for longer this winter and make the early sessions much more inviting!

Also its worth noting that if you’re not as much of a cold frog as me the Furnace Comp is the next Billabong steamer down in terms of warmth, $100 cheaper and the neoprene over the arms & shoulders is even stretchier without the Grapehene lining (which is still through the rest of the body).


  • 100% internal covering in Billabongs revolutionary Graphene lining
  • Airlite stretch neoprene
  • Drymax chest zip entry system
  • 100% extrenal welded seams + internal neoprene taping through key areas
  • Key stash loop

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