“This watch it is spectacular”

Price: $399

I recently purchased a Series 2 Ripcurl GPS watch from the Newcastle store and I love it. The GPS watch tracks how far you have paddled, longest wave, number of waves caught, top speed, the distance you paddled during the surf, surf time and where you are located.

I really like to come in from a surf and see what my top speed was, how many waves I caught and how far I paddled. Even if the surf is crappy wearing this watch can make it fun and interesting because I still have fun thinking about what info I’m going to find out after the surf. I am always trying to beat my top speed.

The GPS 2 watch also has heaps of the other cool features:

  • Tide times/heights
  • Sunrise/sunset
  • Timer/stop watch
  • Alarm

I really like the timer which is very handy for competition surfing – you can set the time on your watch for how long your heat goes. It also has just a normal timer and chrono mode on it. When you need to get up early or have a to remember something just use your alarm setting on the GPS watch, the alarm sound is plenty loud enough to wake you up. The front screen of the watch has the time on it in big bold writing. It also has the tide and the date on it.

Before I bought this GPS watch I was worried about a couple of things. I’m only small so I thought it might be a bit chunky and uncomfortable, it’s not, it’s super comfortable even on my small wrist. I also thought it might be a bit hard to set up with my phone to download all the info but it’s not. The instructions and app are simple, it was super easy, took about two minutes. One thing about this watch is you have to charge it with the charger in the box. But it shows you how much charge is left on the home screen so you don’t have to be worried about it just dying on you. The charge mainly runs out when you are tracking your surfs.

This watch it is spectacular. I advise every one that surfs in heats and for fun to go purchase one from Slime surf shop Newcastle or Slimes surf shop Erina, Central coast.

Check out the stats from one of my surfs at Raglan in New Zealand!

Blogged By: Gus Nicho