“The perfect quiver killer”

Price: $850
Dimensions: 5’7” x 19” x 2 3/8” – 26.4 L
Link: http://dhdsurf.com/surfboards/switchblade/

I’ve had the switchblade for over 2 years now & it is always the perfect go to board for smaller conditions up to 5ft, making it a quiver killer for me. I find it picks up speed straight from the get go, is super responsive and will glide over any dead section heading your way. The Switchblade has a flatter, wider deck so it’s easy to paddle around on and I find the medium boxy rails give it a lot of float & bite through my turns. I ride the switchblade as a thruster using a set of FCS JF-ZERO, at first I had a set of FCS JW Medium but they felt too loose.


  • Single to double concave
  • Medium to low rocker
  • Medium boxy rails
  • 5-Fin FCS or Futures
  • Glassing standard with 3/4 patch

Recommended Conditions: I feel the switchblade excels in all waves from 1-4ft – it’s a small wave machine



  • Flatter rocker and straighter plane shape for easy paddling and speed
  • The spine double concave through the tail acts like a vee and allows smooth rail to rail transition , which is needed with the extra width


  • Anything over 4ft and I would recommend a step-up board instead

Blogged By: Zac