“Great in all different breaks and sizes”

Price: $690
Dimensions: 4’11” x 16 7/8” x 2” – 17 L (I weigh 41kg)
Link: http://www.chillisurfboards.com/store/chilli/surfboards/Grom/chilli-grom-plus-1

Overview: My Spawn Mini is really light and as soon as I rode it, it felt loose and responsive. I ride it with the Kolohe Andino grom fins which never slide out off the bottom but feel loose off the top and let me release my tail (they also have really cool patterns on them)


  • Thruster FCSII
  • Single to double concave
  • A steep tail rocker which dad says makes it loose and turn sharp
  • PU foam

Recommended Conditions: It seems to feel great in all different breaks and sizes but I’m only little and I don’t really ride big waves yet. I think the Spawn Mini is a great grom board if you already surf well but it would not be good for beginners because it’s so thin and narrow.


  • It’s fast and loose
  • It’s nice and light
  • It seems to work well in any types of waves


  • When I get older I might get a longer one to handle big waves
  • FCSII’s are sometimes really hard to get in and out, especially if you have some sand stuck in the plugs. Dad says you have to be careful not to push too hard on the board when putting them in and out

Blogged By:Gus Nicholson