“The Ghost never failed to surprise”

Price: $899.00

Demo Availability: 5’10 (27L), 5’11 (28.3L), 6’0 (29.7L), 6’1 (31.4L), 6’2 (32.8L)


Ive always been intrigued by the outline of the Ghost. It’s unique tear drop outline maintains foam under the chest and towards the nose, pulled in beautifully by it’s sharp pin tail. It’s hard not to be intrigued by this model, as seen under the feet of two times world champion John John Florence, who has undoubtably performed many mind melting performances on this signature model.

The unique deign worked incredibly well. The foam pushed forward from the centre of the board, allowed increased paddle power and would always project you forward down the line. The Ghost would just take off with ease due to the medium to low entry rocker. The single to double concave under your back foot allowed for easy rail to rail transitions, while still maintaining speed throughout. I was very suprised by how the board felt under my feet, especially considering the amount of foam placed under my front foot. The rails are still thin and allow incredible hold through turns, while complemented by the pulled in tail. The Ghost never skipped a beat, it always carried consistent drive, speed and hold through various manoeuvres and conditions. Speed is essential for how I like to surf and the Ghost certainly didn’t disappoint.

I rode the Ghost in a variety of conditions, from average beach breaks to powerful hollow reef breaks. It was the ultimate when the waves were powerful and down the line. The Ghost would allow insane drive off the bottom and hold through critical sections. I felt extremely comfortable as the waves began to get more powerful and hollow. It worked effortlessly in the barrel and would always knife in and under critical sections. I was concerned that the Ghost wouldn’t work well in everyday, average beach breaks, as it’s outline screams for powerful surf. Again, I was pleasantly surprised at the Ghost’s consistency in weaker conditions. It still gave me drive, speed and hold down the line. I opted for the Al Merrick template in weaker waves, as they would allow the perfect balance between drive and release. The board would hold when you needed and would release with ease. It has a crazy sense of release when coming off the top and pushing hard on the tail through the lip.

Recommended Conditions: 

The Ghost is an ultimate good wave board for all abilities. Due to its increased foam under chest, experienced surfers have the ability to ride the Ghost shorter than most performance boards. For surfers needing more forgiveness, the Ghost will help maintain paddle power and stability in more powerful conditions, especially if ridden bigger in length. I would reccomend the Ghost in a variety of conditions for experienced surfers, as I found it as an incredible all rounder. For intermediate surfers, the Ghost will help you progress in more powerful and hollower waves.

I felt comfortable riding the Ghost from waist high beach breaks to double overhead reef breaks, this is a board that will have you riding steep and deep with ease.

Recommended Hardware:

I opted for the Al Merrick template in smaller conditions, due to the drive from the outside fins and the release the smaller back fin allowed. This is my ultimate everyday fin template, the balance perfect balance between drive and release.

When the weaves began to get more powerful I felt comfortable with the Al Merrick template in Tech Flex. The Tech Flex material allowed for increased hold and speed control. Allowing optimum drive down the line and hold through critical sections. I would also recommend the signature John John Florence template, as this is the template recommended by Pyzel.

Blogged By: Sandon Whittaker