“Fun foamie for shories!”

Sizes Available:

  • 48” –
  • 58” – $190

The bug is great for mucking around on; it’s small, light and easy to paddle. Even though the board is so short it is quite thick and has a lot volume which gives you plenty of paddling power.

The Bug has twinny set up which are screw-in plastic fins so you can take them in and out easily and there are no nasty fin chops. The board has quite a lot of rocker for a foamie, a double concave and two stringers running through the board

Recommended Conditions:
I usually ride the board in small and sucky conditions or on shore breaks, but I’ve also taken it out on it in your usual 3ft waves and it performs well. I would say it is probably suited more to smaller beach break waves but I always have fun on it in any conditions


  • Rides well in most conditions and is great for a muck around
  • Easy to paddle
  • Never gets damaged as it is a foamie


  • A little bit hard to duck dive

Blogged By: Hugh Nicholson