“Fast, loose and a whole lot of fun!”

Price: $950
Dimensions: 5’6” x 19 ½” x 2 5/8” – 31 L

The Retro Pro is a modernised version of MR’s most popular retro model; the 1980 Twin Fin. Compared to the 1980 it features a ¼ inch wider tail, ¼ inch narrower nose, FCSII Twin + Stabiliser plugs and is glassed 4+4/4oz instead of 6oz.

All up this creates less durability but a much livelier performance – also it is $300 cheaper than the sprayed and polished 1980 Twin.

My Retro Pro at 31 L has a lot more volume than my standard 24 L shortboard but because it’s so loose there’s no way I’d want it to be smaller and would definitely recommend having that extra volume under your feet.

As my first Twin Fin I expected the Retro Pro would take some adjusting to, but it felt magic from my first wave and is high performance through everything from rail turns to airs.


  • Retro, hard rails from the tail to nose
  • Vee bottom
  • FCSII Twin + Stabiliser

Recommended Conditions: 1-3ft (But in the 80’s they rode them in a lot bigger). The board also performs really well in steep, clean waves and you shouldn’t just limit it to sloppy days



  • Fast and loose
  • The twin fins develop plenty of drive through rail turns
  • Flexibility of adding/removing the stabiliser


  • The hard rails are less forgiving than a modern shape
  • Starts to feel too loose over 3ft

Blogged By: Tim