“The best board I’ve ever ridden.”

Price: $800
Demos: No
Specs: 5’7″ x 18 3/4″ x 2 1/4″ – 24L

Link: Bush Ranger (MR Website)

Features: Pronounced hip in the tail, single to double concave, thruster FCSII set-up and increased width/thickness from a traditional shortboard.

Overview: My bushranger felt amazing under my feet from the first wave and for me there are two things which make it special. Firstly, the tightness turning (particularly at the end of rail turns) due to the hip in the tail and secondly, the smoothness of the tail release out of the lip. I mainly ride it with FCS AM2’s which I love, but also liked medium Mick Fanning’s in it.

Recommended Conditions: Works best in anything 1-4ft and like all performance boards feels best in steeper waves. It can be ridden in larger surf however you cannot push your turns quite as hard, particularly on a bumpy face.

Tim Dickson, shot by Nic Tonks


  • Smooth tail release
  • Tightness of turning
  • Fast over flat sections and a lot of drive through turns
  • MR’s glass jobs are brilliant


  • Nothing, is perfect for me except for the wave size limit of 4/5ft

Blogged By: Tim Dickson