“The ultimate high performance shortboard, that makes every turn feel like a man turn”

Price: $860

Specifications: 5’11 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4 x 26.0L

Link: dhdsurf.com/surfboards/mfdna/ 

The Ducks Nuts ‘DNA’ is Mick’s go to competition board. This is the exact board, dimensions and construction that Mick surfs in competition. You now have the opportunity to ride what a three times World Champion rides.


  • PU construction.
  • The board features Mick’s signature rocker, with a single to double concave for ultimate speed and drive.
  • Thruster fin setup.
  • Narrow cross extension carbon reinforcing the tail.



Overview: The perfect all round high performance shortboard, insane amounts of speed down the line and drive off the bottom. I use Mick’s signature FCS 2 template in a medium, which allows incredible drive and hold, but still allows lots of tail release.



Suitable Conditions: Goes great in 3-6 foot conditions. Best on clean offshore Days with a bit of swell and push, which makes laying down and into my rail a breeze.


  • Makes laying into my rail an ease and makes every turn feel like a man turn.
  • Speed, drive and flow throughout every turn.
  • The perfect all rounder.



  • Struggles in small waves, anything under three foot.

Overall: The MF DNA is my ultimate high performance board, it feels lively and can lay down turns like a breeze. Its my ultimate choice for an all round and everyday performance board !

Blogged By: Finn Hill