“The ultimate performance machine”

Dimensions: 5’2 x 16’ 7/8’ x 2’ 1/16’ = 18.5L


The JS Monsta is a great all round board that has amazing flow and goes good in most conditions. It feels really good under the arm as it’s super light and refined. In my board I ride the Kolohe Andino FCS 2 grom fins that for me go best because of the fast drive. My board is 18.5 litres which is a little less than my recent boards as it is 18.8 litres.


The board has a medium rocker with slight kicks in the nose and tail to prevent nose diving on the takeoff and makes it easier to pivot off the tail. I ride the thruster fin setup which is what I’ve always rode and goes good in all waves. The board that I ride is an epoxy. I prefer epoxy for the waves on the Central Coast because it makes the board heaps lighter than most P.U boards and also helps you maintain speed as it keeps you on top of the water.


I ride the JS Monsta on beach breaks and reef breaks but I have found that the board goes best in fast, sucky waves that are around head hight with a bit of power. This board is most suited to surfers that are experienced and are looking for a more high performance board that’s easy to ride.


-Easy to ride in most conditions.

-Performs best in powerful sucky waves.

-Great for keeping speed.


I would look for another board when the waves are tiny because I find it hard to do quick turns on small gutless waves.

 Blogged By: Kody Smith