“The latest and greatest of high performance surfboards”

Price: $899.00

Demo Availability: 5’9 (25L), 5’10 (26.5L), 5’11 (27.8L), 6’0 (28.5L), 6’1 (29.9L)


The JS Monsta 2020 is the latest and greatest of high performance surfboards. JS has refined the Monsta to be the most all-rounded and forgiving Monsta to date. I have felt increased spark in average everyday waves, whilst still being highly predictable and reliable when the waves are overhead. I have ridden this board from average onshore beach breaks to overhead hollow point breaks and it is an absolute dream to ride in all conditions.

With a medium to high rocker, the Monsta 2020 allowed ultimate control and hold through bigger turns. Especially in solid 3-6ft surf, maintaining speed off the lip and down the line. The refined rails allowed ultimate response, drive and hold under your feet. It didn’t loose drive through flat sections or weaker parts of the wave, which always kept me surfing with ultimate speed. The single concave under your front foot runs into a double concave through the fins, this allows for lift, helps maintain control and drive in powerful surf.For the everyday surfer, this board is an absolute must have for when the waves are pumping.

JS have developed the ‘Easy Rider’ dimensions with added foam under the chest to accommodate for the more heavy- footed or intermediate riders, making it very well rounded to a variety of surfers.I feel as if the Monsta 2020 is not only a good wave board but a board that can be ridden in the more average conditions to allow for more progressive and radical surfing. As the waves increase in size and steepness, I could really push this board through the face of the wave and have no issues in burying the rail as the refined outline of the board is super forgiving.

In this board, I opted for the FSC2 Al Merrick Template, for smaller and weaker waves, as they allowed for more release and push in softer conditions. When the waves were powerful, I swapped to the Mick Fanning FCS2 template. This racked back template definitely made a massive difference in terms of drawing out turns on more powerful open faced waves. I found that the more flexible the fin, such as the Mick Fanning Neo Carbon or Al Merrick Air-core, perfectly suited this board for 2-3 ft waves. These two templates allowed the board to do the work and produce more performance manoeuvres. Where as the stiffer templates in powerful open faced waves are my favourite set up for this board as it is the best combination of speed, control and manoeuvrability.

Overall, the Monsta 2020 is the pinnacle performance surfboard, as it generates the greatest speed and allows for ultimate control in a variety of conditions. These conditions can range anywhere from reefs, beach breaks and point breaks. The Monsta is my favourite all-round shortboard to date. Nothing  beats going fast and doing bigger turns in my opinion, the Monsta 2020 is the board that will consistently deliver that. I have been absolutely frothing on this board and I would most definitely recommend getting one in your quiver. Winters coming and you will be well prepared with a Monsta 2020!

Blogged By: Ethan Turner