“The best twin fin I’ve ever ridden”

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Jason Stevenson recently released his highly anticipated, first ever Twin Fin design, the Black Barron. One of the most fun, performance twin fins I’ve ever ridden.  I was blown away the first time I rode the twin, the board blew up and left me wide eyed and grinning the entire surf, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.The Black Barron does it all!

Overview: Ive always had a love hate relationship with twin fins, they are the most enjoyable shape imaginable, although I could never find a twin that suited my style and the performance feel I craved, then came along the Barron. Its initial acceleration and down the line drive was so addictive, I just wanted to grind down the line with as much speed as possible. I was freaked out by how well the Barron held rail, it just drove through turns like a freight train, engaging in critical sections and releasing when needed.

The Barron features an overall low/flat rocker, which creates glide, speed and consistent flow in small conditions. I rode the Barron in the weakest of waves and it never failed to impress, it consistently generated speed and flow in the smallest of waves. The flat rocker and specific concave, enabled the board to generate speed through flat sections, which helped maintain speed and never felt like you were falling behind in weak conditions.

I was amazed by how well the Barron held its rail and drive through turns. Like most twins I’ve ridden, they would always be extremely tempermental as to how hard you could drive them, the Barron wasn’t afraid to be played on rail. This is where the flat, low rails came into play, giving you the ability to turn at high speeds and in critical sections.

I rode the stringered EPS Black Barron, which I highly recommend over the traditional PU. As a lover of the JS HYFI material, it was a no brainer to jump on the epoxy Barron and the spark it had was incredible. I really feel that JS have there EPS materials mastered, it’s my favourite epoxy material on the market. The epoxy gave the Barron spark and the most electric feeling in small waves, every section you tapped, it would just spiral you into the next with even more speed to burn. I couldn’t fault the material, especially the overall electric feeling it gave the board.

Hugh Nicho’s Overview:
The baron’s best feature for me is the speed. Its flat rocker, double concaved v and overall increased volume offers extremely fast acceleration and with that, makes any surf fun. Being a twin, it is a looser and flatter turning board, however the more performance-like rail outline allows for more progressive maneuvers as well as offering some hold on rail. The baron’s continuous v and swallow tail makes driving off the bottom and flowing in and out off turns very forgiving. My Baron is epoxy to further increase the buoyancy and user friendliness of the board. My Black Baron performs best in 1-3 foot but have everything to push its boundary’s and it is always so much fun. Overall my baron guarantees a fun surf and opens a new and exciting feel to surfing that never gets old.

Recommended Conditions: The most ideal conditions for the Barron where waist high to overhead, as it is a small wave board. Although I didn’t hesitate to take the Barron out in solid over head, clean conditions.

Recommended Fins: I can’t stress enough how well the FCSII MR twin fins performed. The up right template gave the Barron incredible drive and flow. It also allowed the most hold compared to other templates I used, I found this along with the FCSII Power twin were the most suited fins for the design of the Barron. If you ride Futures, the T1 honeycomb would be my recommendation.


  • The best twin fin i’ve ever ridden! No matter condition I threw the Barron in, it did it all. I never had a bad surf riding this board, it makes me wanna go surf.
  • The ultimate small wave, summer board. I can’t reccomend the Barron enough for summer time, I rode mine all summer long and no matter what the conditions, I would always find myself having the most fun in the water.
  • The stringered EPS material was incredible. It gave the Barron the ultimate upper hand in small waves, created spark through every turn and generated speed like a demon.
  • I ride 28L in all of my shortboards, I opted for the 5’6 Black Barron at 29L, giving myself an extra litre of volume, w which I highly recommend for the boards shape. Don’t be afraid to trim up into a higher litres with this board, its only going to give you an ever greater advantage in small waves.

Blogged By: Dane.