“My new favourite step up!”

Price: $980
Dimensions: 6’0 x 19 1/16 x 2 1/2 – 30.8L (I weigh 67kg and ride 24 – 25L in a normal shortboard)
Fins: I’m using Futures F4 Controllers – these are a small fin which I use in all my guns (in shortboards I use mediums)

The Hydronaut is Tomo’s first step-up model which has been in the works for a few years, it features a rounded pin tail with a subtle quad channel and a rounded off ‘torpedo nose’. This is a spin off from the noses used on some of his smaller wave models and enhances maneuverability.

For the last 5 years my go-to board for 6-8ft ish at home has been a 6’5 Firewire Artillery at 30.2L and I bough the Hydronaut to cover the same territory. Although its 5” shorter a big part of that is the rounded off nose, and it has the same volume/rocker and a similar tail width.

Seaduction Photography

Seaduction Photography

I was blown away by how solid the board feels, my first session was 6ft and choppy and it handled it without a problem which is amazing for a 6’0 epoxy. The tail is ¾” wider than my 6’5 but has way more hold which I think is due to the channels – you also notice the speed they generate over fat sections. As my Hydronaut is only 6’0 its much more maneuverable than a normal step-up gun and felt great on rail.

All up it’s a great step-up with all the hold, rocker and paddle power you need to be comfortable in 8ft surf and on a bigger one with more volume you could chase some properly big waves.


  • 13.75” Rounded Pin Tail
  • Subtle Quad Channel running out of the tail
  • Rounded off ‘Torpedo Nose’
  • Firewire LFT construction with a denser 2lb blank

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