“The Love Buzz is super responsive and loves to catch waves.”

Price: $995
Demos: Not Available
Specs: 5’7 x 18 5/8 x 2 1/4 = 24.83L

Overview: First up, this board looks incredible and feels even better under arm. I reckon those two things can instantly tell you a lot about a board. After analysing the Love Buzz for about two or so minutes, I bit the bullet and ordered one. The dimensions and volume of this board really suited me and it felt just right. The volume I normally ride sits around 24.5L, so this board in the EPS FutureFlex, paddled like a dream and picked up waves super easy. I have ridden this board in all conditions, from fat Wamberal conditions to famous Mexican point breaks. I tried to ride it everywhere just to see how it reacted and felt underfoot. The board is super-versatile, although I felt most comfortable on this board in 2-4ft glassy conditions or in slight onshore waves with a little bit of punch. When the waves were a bit fat and sluggish, I used the Future Fins EA Blackstix, which really reacted well with the board to generate speed a lot easier. When the waves had a bit more punch I used JJF model to give extra hold and drive.

Love Buzz (FutureFlex) from Haydenshapes Surfboards on Vimeo.

Features: This board features a low to medium entry rocker, which helps a lot with picking up waves. Like many of the Haydenshapes models, the Love Buzz has quite a flat rocker through the mid section, which allows you to keep flow between turns without having to work it too hard. With a medium exit rocker in the tail, you can still wrap this board tight unlike a lot of flatter boards. I think that can be due to the amount of V-concave through the tail as well, as it’s quite responsive and transitions from rail to rail super easy. The outline outline is really smooth and not dramatic like most HS models, with its slightly fuller nose and wide point pulled forward allowing more foam under chest for paddling and flow on the wave. Finishing with a little wider squash tail, which will help you with release on your turns.

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banzai lovebuzz

Recommend Conditions: My favourite sessions on this board have been fun 3ft Wamberal Beach with no wind. Being an epoxy, it felt incredible in minimal wind. I think that the Love Buzz would suit the above average surfer looking for a shorter performance board that’s going to feel electric in waves that aren’t really suited to your standard shortboard.

– Responsive because of the V-concave
– Super easy catching waves due to the EPS foam.
– Versatile

– The only thing I struggled with was if the wind was blowing, the board got a little hung up. Which is most likely because I was riding it in the FutureFlex construction, as they’re super light. However, HaydenShapes also make the boards in PE construction, which wouldn’t be as affected by a super windy day.

Blogged by: Brent Griffiths

Love Buzz (FutureFlex) from Haydenshapes Surfboards on Vimeo.