“A traditional noserider template constructed light weight”

Price: $1075
Demos: No
Specs: I ride 9’4″ x 23 1/4″ x 2 7/8″ = 75.8L

Link: http://www.firewiresurfboards.com/surfboards.php?boardid=tjpro

Overview: This longboard is ideal for summer conditions; it’s great for trimming and nose riding in anything waist height and below. The one thing that sold me on this board was the fact that it has a traditional outline and shape, which is perfect for like nose riding, but it’s not as heavy as most traditional long boards. It is constructed using EPS foam, paulownia wood and epoxy resin, making it super light and buoyant. When I first rode this board I noticed how quickly it trimmed and how well it paddled and I could catch anything on a small day. The board has a super flat rocker and 50/50 rails, meaning it flew down the line and could draw amazing lines on a small 1-2ft wave. Due to the width of the board, which is maintained throughout the nose, it enabled me to get to the nose with ease. Overall this board was a great nose rider, paddled amazing, was super quick light to move around.


Features: The board uses EPS foam without a stringer combined with an outer skin of paulownia wood, and finished with epoxy resin. This enables it to be lightweight, more buoyant and have better flex (improving performance). The board also features a traditional shape with 50/50 rails, thicker foil, lower rocker and the outline enables the board to nose ride with ease but doesn’t compromise performance. The outline is evenly wide from tail to nose which helps with setting a line and paddle speed. The board offers a thruster set up, enabling you to have a 2-1 long board set-up or simply ride it as a single fin. I ride the board as a single fin as I prefer it for nose riding and nothing bigger then 2ft. I also wanted to keep the traditional trimming feel, so I used a big 10’ hatchet fin. This enables the board to sit in the pocket and hold in when you are on the nose.

Recommended Conditions: This board is perfect for 1-3ft waves that are weak or fat.

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Great for point breaks or any wave that enables length of ride. It’s not the best board for anything bigger than 3ftIMG_5582

– Lightweight
– Traditional shape (great for nose riding)
– Great paddle power (can catch anything)
– Super fun board for summer
– Strong due to the epoxy construction

– Not great in anything bigger then 3ft or any waves that are hollow
– If you ding a Firewire get it out of the water and repair it before riding as if water gets in it can cause delamination

Blogged by: Brad Fraser