“The ultimate shred machine”

Price: $1080.00

Demo Availability: 5’4, 5’5, 5’6, 5’7, 5’8, 5’9.

Overview: I’ve been absolutely hooked ever since I stepped foot on the Glazer, another incredible creation by Rob Machado, in collaboration with Firewire Surfboards. I was drawn to the round outline of the Glazer, having more foam pushed towards the chest, it’s sleek curves and pulled in tail. This model just screams serious fun and never failed to surprise me.

It was forgiving all round, especially in small waves that lacked power. The Firewire LFT material provided continual spring and liveliness down the line. I was really surprised how much pop and flare the construction provided in weak waves. The outline allowed for increased paddle power, as the foam is under chest, which was perfect for such a small board. The forward volume allowed the board to flow and glide down the line with ease, you could really set your line and glide around sections with ease.

I feel that the Glazer’s everyday possibilities are endless, it’s a perfect all round board for an everyday surfer that needs more volume and forgiveness. In small weak waves and all the way to head high waves. The forward volume will assist with paddling and increased forgiveness in all areas. The pulled in tail will provide manoeuvrability, especially when ridden with increased volume. It’s the perfect step towards a more performance driven board, which still enables the everyday forgiveness of a fish or similar Rob Machado design. It will progress an intermediate surfer in a wide variety of areas, although it won’t hinder with its everyday forgiveness and fun all round.


For more experienced surfers, this will provide the ultimate share machine in mushy conditions and will be able to be pushed hard and driven fast down the line in more solid waves. I felt confident in solid over head beach breaks on the Glazer as it paddled extremely well, it drove effortlessly off the bottom  and held rail in a hollower pocket. The forward volume works just as well in bigger waves, as it will help propel you into a wave with more power, especially taking into consideration that the Glazer was six inches shorter the my traditional performance thruster. I usually opt for Squash tails, although I was blown away by how hard you could drive off the bottom and through craving turns on the Glazer. It wrapped insanely well in the pocket due to the pulled in tail, especially through round house cutbacks. Once you brought the board back into the pocket, it would throw you back down the line and into the next section, which was insane. Particularly in small waves, the curve of the board would fit tight into a smaller pocket and would continuously drive hard. The Glazer worked just as well going top to bottom on a wave as it did through carving turns. It had this sense of charge, as if it was spring loaded when you came off the bottom and into the lip! There were a few turns in smaller waves, where I was blown away by how hard the Glazer went off the top through a turn, as the outline creates incredible drive.


Even though the Glazer provided a lot of performance for me, it had some incredibly fun moments where I could just flow down the line effortlessly. Just picking a high line and feeling the glide, which was just as fun! At the end of the day you’ve gotta have fun, that’s what its all about and everything aside, every session I left the water with a smile and was pretty fathomed about how much fun I could have on a single board, especially in weak and average conditions.

Overall the Glazer was an absolute fun machine for me and I feel that it will cater to a wide variety of abilities, due to its forgiving design. Especially surfers needing more volume, all the way to more performance driven surfers looking for a fun smaller wave board.

Again, another incredibly fun board by the master craftsman Rob Machado!

Recommended Conditions: 

I rode the Glazer anywhere from weak knee high waves to over head clean beach breaks. It performed incredibly well in average conditions, as it created glide and speed through flat sections and would transition through turns with ease. It felt buttery in small waves as you could bounce off sections with speed. I too felt confident in clean over head beach breaks, due to its overall hold and continual down the line drive. I would highly recommend the Glazer for beach breaks, as it will perform perform in weak conditions and all the way to high high curve.

Recommended Hardware: 

I rode the Glazer with the FCS Carver fins, as I can’t fault the drive and hold they give in all conditions. I always opt for a stiffer fin in any epoxy board, considering the material is so lively, I feel it keeps the board in the water and continually driving. Materials like performance core and performance core carbon will work incredibly well as it will counteract the liveliness of the material, so it will always feel solid and engaged. The FCS Reactor template would also be a recommendation, working incredibly well in round tail boards, creating drive off the bottom, release in the pocket and pulling turns in tightly.


  • The Glazer is an ultimate fun machine! I highly recommended it for anyone looking at spicing up their quiver and wanting to maximise fun in everyday waves!
  • The outline crates down the line glide and feels effortless.
  • Pulled in tail allowing excellent manoeuvrability in small to medium sized waves.
  • Forward volume enabling increased paddle power and forgiveness.
  • Transitions from rail to rail with ease.
  • I don’t have anything negative to say about the Glazer, other than the fact I haven’t stopped riding it since the day I stepped foot on it! Small wave surfing has never been so inviting, fun is always on the forecast in every session.


Blogged By: Dane Cameron.