“A board you need in your quiver!”

Price: $860

Specifications: My Dimensions are 6’0 x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16 – 27.5 L

Overview: The DNA Round Tail is my go to when the waves turn solid and heavy and you need that extra little length and foam under your feet! Definitely handy to have a board like this in your quiver, very reliable and won’t let you down. I ride this board an inch bigger and a litre more than my normal short board, but you can also just ride it in your normal dimensions for those people that like the round tail feel!

Recommended Use: I prefer the DNA RT between 4-8 ft range.


  • Nice single to double concave allowing maximum speed
  • Stock glassing of double 4oz which keeps the DNA RT nice and light and makes the board feel fast and lively under your feet, whilst still holding in on the bigger swells!


  • Overall, I definitely recommend this board to any surfer out there looking for a step up or if you have liked round tails in the past this one definitely won’t let you down!


  • Can’t really find a bad word to say about this board, did everything I expected it to and more! Great little step up for me and really makes surfing fun!

Blogged By: Ben Hucker