“Drive and hold off the bottom, sharp release of the top”

Specifications: 5’4 x 17 7/8 x 2 1/16 – 21 L (I’m approx. 60kg)

This board is great for intermediate-expert level surfing. The rocker layout is the best that I have experienced with any board as it has an aggressive lift in the tail yet a touch shallower entry rocker. This has offered me fast, sharp and controlled manoeuvres as well as outstanding agility to navigate through changing sections. The board runs ‘medium rails’ however the foam distribution throughout the centre and upper chest area have given me great paddle power and gets me through dead sections when I apply weight with my front foot.

The tail is my favourite feature with the Rook 15. I have a squash yet with this model the corner edges are very gradual and rounded. This has given me a slight round tail feel offering even tighter arcs into and out of turns but also holds the volume of your average squash tail which seems to help it glide over fat sections. The Rook 15 has a single concave throughout the whole board but I have noticed it is deeper through the tail ongoing to the middle of the board which has me flying down the line, out of turns and makes it very easy to generate speed. Overall my Rook 15 has been my perfect performance/all-round board.

I’m also running with ¾, 4oz deck patch. I like my boards really light but I’m always worried about breaking them with just one layer of 4 on the deck. This ¾ patch is a great compromise between strength and weight.

Recommended Conditions:
2-8ft and any shaped waves from short, fast and heavy to bigger, slopey waves – I’m really just riding it in everything unless it’s really big.


  • Fcs2
  • Carbon tail patch
  • PU



  • Responsive
  • Fast
  • Drivey
  • Controllable


  • Have to be good at surfing (not really a con)

Blogged By: Hugh Nicholson