Price: $99.99
Demos: Not Available
Specs: 8-INCH 8.25-INCH 8.5-INCH

Overview: Introducing REDLINE Technology decks. Redline decks are THINNER, STRONGER and the POP LASTS LONGER. Redline has been developed through extensive testing of different veneer and fiber layups, resulting in a unique, superior product.

Features: The Carbon Fiber top layer gives the board additional strength as well as keeping it stiffer and making the pop last for the lifetime of the deck. That’s JUST THE BEGINNING. Redline features even more technology throughout the deck and incorporates a custom veneer layup to help reduce the weight.


Pros:  Thinner, stronger and pop last longer

Cons:  The only bad thing I have heard of is that when the deck is thrashed, the carbon fibre can come off the top edge of the board and stick in your hands when you are holding it.

Blogged by: JONNO