“Respected artist’s painting on great shapes”

Price: $119.95
Link: http://crailstore.com/collections/decks

Product Specs:

  • Vincent Alvarez 8.25
  • Kenny Anderson 8.125
  • Elijah Berle 8.25
  • Marc Johnson 8.125
  • Stevie Perez 8.25
  • Raven Tershy 8.5
  • Jerry Hsu 8

This is a cool animal series that follows the same feel. We have the Jerry and Elijah in store and you can jump online and check out the rest. Chocolate is a well respected company that has been putting out great shapes on quality wood for years; when the art is long gone the board will match as well as the rest. They would be cool for a wall board set if you are the arty animal lover type.

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