“The perfect urethane compound has arrived.”

Price: $70.00
Demos: Not Available
Specs: 50mm up to 56mm -V1- V2- V3- V4- V5 shapes

Overview: – Bones wheels have nailed it with their STF range. So many crew ride a mix of park and street that they need a urethane compound that compliments most surfaces and conditions. If you need grip in a dusty indoor park or slight cess on sticky concrete, you will not be disappointed. I’m onto my 3rd set, I haven’t given wheels a 2nd thought in months.

Features: – The STF range is available in 4 shapes
V1- Classic Street, perfect shape for all round performance
V2- Ledges and rails, promotes better lock into grinds
V3- Technical, reduced friction, easier slides. (most preferred by the Bones team)
V4- All round, a wider wheel for the flat spot prone.
V5- Bowls, Ledges and rails, a wider wheel that promotes less drag, resistant to flat spots.

stf wheels couch

Pros:  : A versatile wheel for most skating conditions. Very resistant to flat spots. Bones have been working on urethane for a long time, they know what’s up.

Cons:  If I was riding big transition I would use a larger slightly softer wheel. Most likely 58mm Bones SPF (skate park formula)

Blogged by: JONNO