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Stance: Goofy
Height:  5’4″ – 160cm
Weight: 63 kgs
Years Surfing: 13
Fav Board: Channel islands 5’10” Semi Pro, 5’6″ Proton, 5’6″ Rookie and 5’5″ Fred Stubble
Sponsors: Slimes, Globe, Channel Islands, Creatures, Shaper Fins, Dragon and Clear Zinke
Best Contest Results: 2015 Subway series Newcastle U16’s- 2nd, U18’s-3rd, NSW State Titles U16’s-2nd, NSW Schools-2nd, Occy Grom Comp U16’s-2nd
Central Coast regionals U16’s-1st, Subway series Cronulla U16’s-1st, Subway series Gold Coast U16’s-1st, Slimes Surfarama 14’s-1st, Slimes Surfarama 16’s-2nd
Fav surf spot: Copa Point
Fav surfer: Dane Reynolds
Fav food: Mexican
Fav tunes: Rap, Hip hop and rock
Fav Movie: Step Brothers – Taledega Nights