Warmth and comfort are essential for ultimate performance

With winter well upon us, pumping southerly ground swells and dry off shore winds, not to mention the crisp and dreaded chilling mornings, keeping warm and comfortable in the water is a necessity. Its that time of year to slide into a steamer and tackle the cold.

Wether its purchasing a brand new suit, replacing an existing one or minimising cost to stay warm, you’ve got to start some where. Finding a price point and level of suit will be your first option, whether your wanting something around the three hundred mark, four hundred tier or jumping up to the five hundred to seven-hundred-dollar mark. Different price marks carry different and more advanced features. Always keep in mind price, but don’t be put astray by it.  Every brand caters for each price point; each brand carries different and unique features.

At the end of the day staying warm and maintaining maximum comfort is essential. Everyone is different and fits a suit differently, there’s no use jumping on a band wagon, find what’s right for you. Whether it be chest zip or back zip, flash lining or furnace carbon lining, liquid taping or glued seams. Try multiple suits on, find your own differences between comfort and warmth with the assistance of our team. At the end of the day being comfortable and warm is essential, it will ease the dreaded chills of winter and make you look forward to the days of days’ winter holds.

Purchasing the perfect wetsuit for your winter needs:

  • Identify your price point, what are you willing to spend ? There is a wetsuit for any budget.
  • What features would you like the most ? Does a zipper less, chest zip or back zip suit you the most. Do you prefer liquid, welded or glued seams. flash lining or no internal lining ? Plus many more technical performance elements are on offer.
  • Trying different suits on in store. This by far is one of the most important processes, theres only so much people and the media can tell you, at the end of the day it comes to how the suits feels on you. Don’t jump on the band wagon and get stuck in a suit that isn’t right for you. Take your time and talk with the team to find the best fit for you.
  • Getting that toasty warm neoprene into some chilling tubes, get out there and enjoy the best surf season of the year, with the added benefit of stoke.

Wave goodbye to those dreaded spine chilling winter mornings and drop into our Newcastle or Erina store to feast your eyes on our full range of winter wetsuits. Beware, its gonna get toasty !