“Accessories that make surf travel a breeze”

Throwing yourself around the globe and travelling off the beaten track can be a complete mission. Having the right gear is essential in order to make strike missions a breeze and keep your gear damage free. The crew at Ocean and Earth have created new innovative travel accessories, that aim to relieve the stress and pain of travelling with an insane amount of gear. From the day mission, the weekend strike or the long haul, O&E have your trips covered. Making every element compatible through out all of the accessories, creates super functional travel gear. From the trusty wet suit bucket to the triple board bag and beyond, this gear will make your next trip an ease, less time worrying and more time scoring. Greeny talks us through some of his go to travel favourites.

O&E Travel Accessories:

  • The high and dry wetsuit bucket: a modern twist to the traditional wet suit bucket. Collapsible and tough wearing, its design allows water to drain beneath a layer of foam so that your wet suit can dry in an instant. It also creates an easy change matt when in rugged terrain, because theirs nothing worse than collecting half the beach or car park while getting out of your suit. AMMC55-High--Dry-Wetty-bucket-2016__50452.1471843349
  • The Fin Pouch: just as easy as it sounds, super lightweight and stealth. having four separate fin pouches, that can tuck into your board bag and also help create protection. Lightweight and compact to fit into either a bag or throughout the car, takes the clutter out of fins. AMTS27-Fin-Pouch-17__76689.1498454564
  • The Travel Lite Day Pack:  creates a water proof bag for all your surf essential belongings, from clothes to electronics. This little bag has all your valuables high and dry.AMMC35-Travel-Lite-packing-Cell-17__89161.1498456920
  • Compact Day Light Board Bag:  day use board bag that suits many missions, from on top of the car to over the shoulder. This little compact bag makes day travel easy and lightweight. scsb13__70822.1440997448
  • Triple and Double Compact Board Bag:  features 10mm Waterproof, Protective foam gusset, EVA side walls, Zip out tail gusset, Detachable shoulder strap, Shoulder strap pocket, Non corrosive nylon zip, Internal wax & fin bag, Removable storage hook.   scsb12-triple-compact__25846.1436240018









  • Quad Coffin:  features 10mm Waterproof, 20mm thick protective gusset, Foam divider, Featherweight cover, Load compression strap system, Durable PVC skid plate, Detachable shoulder strap, Shoulder strap pocket, Non corrosive nylon zip, Internal wax & fin bag, Removable storage hook.

Drop into one of our Newcastle or Erina stores to catch a glimpse of the Ocean and Earth travel accessories range.