Price: $165

Overview: No need to struggle finding car parks at the beach anymore! This board rack fits on any bike with ease, it simply just clamps to the seat post. It can carry any shortboard. It is the only board rack with a tool free quick release so you can remove it any time for storage or other uses of your bike! It is built to last with anodized aluminium and stainless steel construction to ensure long life in coastal environments. My bike sits at the beach for hours every day, so this rack is perfect for me! Moved by bikes also make a longboard rack which is also in store at Slimes.


  • Doesn’t move around when you’re riding
  • Able to remove ends when you’re not using it
  • Boards fit really well you can even fit wider boards as all you have to do is adjust your occy straps


  • The only thing is that it doesn’t come with the occy straps, but they are super cheap and available pretty much everywhere

Blogged by:  Ellie Lambkin