“Hands down the best board I have ridden”

Specifications: I ride 5’4 ½ x 18 1/4 x 2 – 18.0L

The driver 2.0 is an improved version of the driver, the board goes exceptionally well in all conditions making it a must have in every quiver. The square tail design provides good control and maximum release when needed. The board is quick and goes well in both fat and wally conditions.

The driver 2.0 is hands down best board I have ridden. The shape is perfect for all aspects and styles of surfing.

Recommended Use: In my opinion the board goes best in the 3 to 5-foot range. The perfect balance of release and control makes it the perfect board under and above the lip.


  • Thin, boxy rails & steep tail rocker for responsiveness
  • Wider nose outline than most performance shortboards for paddle power and glide

Photos: J2snapimages


  • Good all-round board
  • Easy control
  • Steady release
  • Good under and over the lip
  • Fast


  • A bit slow hopping dead sections
  • Tricky in smaller waves but It’s designed for good waves

Blogged By: Ethan Pearce