The FCS freedom leash is the lightest and strongest leash I have used. It definitely makes your surfing feel a lot more free as it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a leggy at all! FCS have developed a legrope like no other; a new innovative cord that is lighter and stronger and doesn’t tangle up. They have also re-designed the cuff to maximise performance and comfort for surfers. I feel that I can surf faster than ever as it creates minimal drag.

Some of the features I love about the freedom leash are:

  • The revolutionary new cord that doesn’t tangle up when your surfing (there is nothing worse then getting a good wave and having your leggie tangle up around your feet)!!!
  • The incredible strength it has for how thin and light it is
  • The light, comfortable ankle cuff
  • Silicon grip on the cuff that stops it slipping around your ankle

Blogged By: Ellie Lambkin