“My favourite leash”


Price: $49.95


I have been using this leggy for probably a year now and I just went and bought another one because they are so good! FCS says this leggy is suitable for 1 to 4ft, but I use it just about all the time unless the surf is giant, 8ft is probably the limit but I haven’t broken one yet. It is 6ft long, very light and durable. The cord is very thin, I really like this leggy because when I’m paddling and surfing there is hardly any drag. I feel like I’m going really fast all the time, like I don’t even feel like I have it on. The FCS leggy is definitely the most comfortable on the slimes surf shop rack these days. The ankle strap on this leggy has lots of padding and very cushioning. I personally think the best part about it is the amount of grip there is, this leggy does not slide around on my ankle at all. The velcro on this leash is unbelievably sticky, I am never worried about it coming off my ankle. I can’t say one bad thing about this leg rope. It’s the ideal choice.


Blogged By: Gus Nicholson