“The comfiest leash, I’ve ever used”

Price: $49.95- $59.95.

Creatures of Leisure have released there brand new range of Super Lite leashes, specifically developed  with custom materials for a no leash feel, it is the lightest and most comfortable leash on the market!

Overview: The Creatures Superlite leash has arrived, it’s safe to say Creatures have taken leash design, to a whole new level! Ive been using the leash for the last few weeks now and it hasn’t even felt like I’ve been wearing a leash at all, which is mental! The only time I notice the leash is when I’m placing it on and off, all I notice when I do, is its sleek and futuristic design, it looks out of this world and gets me hyped every-time I’m wrapping it around my ankle.


Greyc Visuals.

One of the most noticeable design elements of the leash is its WT1/ Welded mesh, which is extremely lightweight and hard wearing, providing water resistance while in use, which reduces weight and maintains material integrity. It also creates a stealth and simplistic look to the leash. Its overall comfort blew me away, its incredibly comfortable and I believe this is the most crucial design element that allows a leash to have a free feel.


The combination of the non slip cuff and the Elliptical horn design, blow its comfort through the roof. The non-slip cuff prevents the cuff from rotating on the ankle, theres nothing worse then coming off or getting sand blasted, to then come up to the surface and have your leash slipping around your ankle, its super uncomfortable when this happens and I’m always finding myself sitting on my board and taking my leash on and off when this happens. I haven’t had this happen while using the Superlite, as the Elliptical Horn helps immensely. Where the horn meets the cuff is a typical point of discomfort in any regular leash, Creatures have developed the ergonomic, sculptured and scalloped Elliptical horn, moulding the cuff pre-bent to maintain the ultimate feel. The Elliptical horn design allows unrivalled comfort snd precision.



  • Available in a Lite, Comp and Pro leash for various wave sizes.
  • The Creatures DNA flex mould creates maximum strength as your leash stretches. The cord connection stretches with the cord while under intense pressure, absorbing wave impact and reducing the chance of breakage.
  • The elliptical horn creates an ultimate comfort mould around your ankle, where the cord meets the cuff. Its designed to moulded around your ankle, which creates ultimate comfort, even when you’re getting pounded and your leash is being pulled.
  • The Surefire Leash Release is a permanently upright injection moulded urethane tag which is easy to pull, especially in an emergency situation. The ergonomic design has permeation holes which allow the flow of water and reduces weight making it a far superior release tag over a standard webbing loop.

Overall: I don’t have anything negative to say about the Superlite leash, its insanely comfortable, light weight and looks mental! It’s the most comfortable leash I’ve ever used and its definitely a leash I can trust in any condition up-to double overhead, which is mental for a 6ft Pro leash. Thanks Creatures, you’ve killed it, I definitely reccomend the Creatures SuperLite leash as your next leash!

Blogged By: Dane.