“The boys in the shop put me onto these grom specials and the first time I used them I felt like I could trust them off the bottom. Now these are my go-to fins”

Price: $135
Construction: Performance Core

This is my go-to fin and I use it in most conditions except when it is really big or really small. I like them because I can hold my bottom turns and my cutbacks but also get loose in the lip when I need to

Recommended Conditions
2-4ft in moderate conditions, they are my go-to with my 4’11 x 16.5 x 2 Rounded pin DHD DNA. My favourite surf using these fins was in the Wako Wave pool in the USA. The wave is mechanically predictable, and I could really drive into my bottom turn and let loose in the lip.

The colour is red so they will of course go faster 😉


  • Predictable drive off the bottom and loose in the lip
  • I feel like I’ surfing faster with these fins


  • Nothing I can think of, but I’m looking to move from Groms to Smalls very soon

Blogged By: Jack Ragen