“My favourite fins for all conditions”

Versions Available: (All in FCSI or Futures)

  • XS-S Thruster (33-55kg)
  • S-M Thruster (55-75kg)
  • M-L Thruster & Quad (80-100+kg)


  • Thruster – $150
  • Quad – $170

Link: http://www.kinetikracingco.com/fin/parko-phase-4-s-m#Carbo-Tune-tab

Overview: The Joel Parkinson KR’s are my favourite fin ever and I use them in all conditions. They work the best in 3-8 ft and on  long stretched out walls as they’re really good for carves and big pocket hacks. They create lots of drive through the bottom turn and allow you to maintain all your speed down the line. With 3 different sizes, a quad option and available in FCS or Futures they cover just about everyone so I would recommend getting down to your local store and grabbing a set!!


  • Performance core center
  • Carbon Base
  • Vertical carbon strands which add control from the base to the leading edge

Blogged By: Morgan Ciblic