“Ultimate balance between drive and release”

Price: $150

Demos: Available.

Ive been using the new Futures Darren Handley thruster throughout winter and I can’t fault it! I haven’t needed to change between fins, at all this season. It is the perfect balance between drive and release!

Overview: The DHD honeycomb falls directly in the middle of the Futures ride number scale, sitting at an ever so balanced 5.3 Ride Number. This ride number recognises the balanced attributes of the DHD fin and placing it as an all round everyday fin. It too falls into the template category, Rake, for its swept back shape, allowing increased drive and hold through turns. The Honeycomb material compliments the racked back template, it’s the perfect balance between drive and release. The DHD fin holds perfectly through driving turns, in bigger solid surf, while still maintaining release when you’re wanting to drive it past its point and blow out your tail. I personally feel this fin allows you to have optimum control, I felt extremely comfortable on it. Ive been very fond of the FCSII Mick Fanning signature fin, although being an avid Futures rider, Ive finally found the missing link in my Future fins quiver.

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 8.24.35 am

Recommended Conditions: I use this fin every day, in a range of conditions, from my small wave boards to my performance boards. It gives quick release in small gutless waves, especially in smaller, looser boards, while still maintaining drive and hold in pumping surf.



  • The ultimate balance between drive and release, having ridden many Tech Flex fins in powerful waves, you can’t fault the hold and drive you get, particularly within the Rake category, on the other hand when the waves aren’t as powerful, the Tech Flex material gets really sticky and doesn’t give you the release your after. This is where the DHD fins comes perfectly into play, the Rake template allows the drive, the Honey Comb material allows an all round feel and the perfect balance of release.
  • Being a lover of the AM2 template, as soon as I jumped onto the DHD template, I felt liked I had final found the fin, I’ve been looking for. Theres no doubt I love riding my AM2 fins, there one of the best in the range, I just felt personally the DHD gave you that little bit more drive and hold.
  • This template is mind blowing, its a fins I’ll leave in my boards and not have to worry about what the conditions are like, I’ll just throw it in and go surf, simpler the better!
  • The perfect fin for our ever changing east coast conditions.

Blogged By: Dane.