“Solid, engaged and predictable”

Price: $179.95

Demos: Available.


Riding my JS HYFI with AM2 Tech Flex.

Overview: Designed by master shaper “Al Merrick” of Channel Islands surfboards, this template has been the all time favourite among the Channel Islands team for decades. The template falls into the category of Rake, giving the rider ultimate drive and carving ability. One of the most noticeable design aspects, is the slightly smaller rear fin. Having a smaller rear fin allows release within your turns, especially because this is such a raked back template, it allows you to have the optimum balance between drive and release. The AM2 Tech Flex sits at an even 4.0 on the Ride Number scale. Placing it in template in the category of Speed Control, as it is solid, engaged and predictable.


Material: The Tech Flex material is engineered to be stiff and light, enabling you to have a solid and engaged feel for heavy drops, but be lightweight and responsive when engaging rail. The Tech Flex material is designed for powerful surfers and particularly powerful conditions, making the Tech Flex template essential for travel.

3K Carbon is positioned along the base and tip of the template. Making them light as honeycomb while maintaining the stiffness of fibreglass, which I find is the perfect balance for powerful waves. Making the fin perfect for critical sections and lively off the lip, as opposed to a full fibreglass, where you will loose the liveliness and freedom off the lip. Techflex_page_mid_images_CARBON-3

Recommended Conditions: Personally I ride the AM2 Tech Flex template from 3-6ft, I usually ride my EPS boards with the Tech Flex material as it allows for increased hold and counteracts the liveliness of the EPS material, helping further create the perfect balance of drive and release. I always take the template over seas, in particular Indonesia. I recently went on a mission to East Java and used the AM2 Tech Flex every day, in all conditions.


  • The perfect balance between drive and release.
  • Drive and hold through critical sections, while still maintaining liveliness off the lip.
  • Perfect fin for travel, especially for solid conditions when you need to be engaged.
  • Perfect for a heavy footed surfer that needs more hold over traditional Honey Comb material.
  • I highly recommend this fins in your quiver, especially if you favour a raked back fin and driving your rail hard.


  • For lighter guys this fin will be hard to over power in smaller surf, although will excel in solid conditions.

Blogged By: Dane.