“This fin is essential in every quiver”

Price: $150.00

Demos: Available.

The Futures AM2 honeycomb is one of the most all round and balanced templates within the Futures range. Ive always been fond of the AM2 template, as it is one of the most all round and consistent fins within the Futures range. No matter where I go, these fins always come with me, they are an essential within my quiver.


Overview: Designed by master shaper “Al Merrick” of Channel Islands surfboards, this template has been the all time favourite among the Channel Islands team for decades. The template falls into the category of Rake, giving the rider ultimate drive and carving ability. One of the most noticeable design aspects, is the slightly smaller rear fin. Having a smaller rear fin allows release within your turns, especially because this is such a raked back template, it allows you to have the optimum balance between drive and release.

The honeycomb material positions the template at 4.6 on the Ride Number scale, meaning it is balanced, all round and caters for a wide variety of surfers and conditions. The honeycomb material is my favourite, as it allows for the perfect balance in the widest variety of conditions.


Recommended Conditions: I use the AM2 everyday, from small weak conditions to pumping groundswells. It’s a template that I can trust in the widest variety of conditions, allowing release in small waves and incredible drive when the waves are on. I don’t regularly change between fins, because the AM2 is perfectly suited for our East Coast conditions. The perfect size for the template would be 2-5ft,  once it gets too powerful for the Honeycomb material, I opt for the AM2 template in the Tech Flex material. The Tech Flex material allows for optimum hold in pumping waves, this would be my highest recommendation for Indonesia, mainly anytime the waves get really powerful. Still the same great template, just in a more solid material for powerful waves.



  • One of the most balanced and all round templates within the Futures range.
  • The perfect balance between drive and release.
  • The slightly smaller rear fin compensates for the raked back template, allowing the balance between drive and release.
  • A template you can trust for our every changing East Coast conditions.

Blogged By: Dane.