“Like a hot knife through butter”

Price: $229.95
Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large
Construction: Performance Core Carbon

We have both been using a set of H4’s for the last week and are blown away by how much speed and drive they generate. Let’s be honest, when it comes to fins there’s a lot of over-hype for minimal differences but FCS have absolutely delivered here; “Think Speed” sums them up pretty perfectly.

The H4’s are a super charged version of everything a good fin should have, plenty of drive out of the bottom, don’t lose any speed through turns, you always feel in control and they only release when you want them to. We’ve used them across a big range of conditions and can’t fault them in anything – it’s a big call but we reckon twice as good as any other fin we’ve used!

FCS please make a Twin Fin Version.


    • Hatchet like tip on the side fins for stability and control on rail
    • Centre fin has a smaller area and stands more upright for a very controlled release out the back end of tail
    • High density uni-lateral carbon fibre which is light, super strong and custom orientated to transfer more speed into turns
    • Internal composite that morphs under intense load, enabling the fins to be pushed harder without sliding out

Blogged By: Mick N Tim