“I haven’t found another set of fins that come close to how well these perform”

FCS Link: http://www.surffcs.com.au/shop/surf-thrusters/fcs-ii-am-pc-tri-set
Futures Link: https://futuresfins.com/en-us/shop-surf

Versions Available:

  • FCSI (Renamed Arc’s) thruster sets in S, M & L ($130)
  • FCSII thruster sets in S, M & L ($150)
  • FCSII 5-fin sets in M & L ($240)
  • Futures thruster sets in S, M & L ($135)
  • Futures thruster set in Blackstix construction and M ($180)
  • Futures 5-fin set in L ($240)


Overview: I’ve used these fins for the last 8 years and haven’t found anything that comes close to how well they perform. These fins have a wide base and long rake which creates speed and drive through dead sections and gutless summer conditions but offer the hold required to jam powerful turns in pumping 4-6ft waves. This particular fin drops the size of the centre fin to loosen things up slightly for manoeuvrability tight sections and quick release from turns.

Blogged By: Joel Horton