“Ultra light and comfortable tees made with the most sustainable fabric on the market”

Price: Approx. $65

Mick and I have both had Afends hemp tees for the last few weeks and are frothing on how comfy they are! Make sure you try one on in store – you don’t get the full feel of how good the material is until you are wearing it. We have also noticed that it gets softer over time and with more washes – they wear in not out.

As a bonus; the environmental benefits of hemp versus traditional fabrics are enormous; no chemicals or pesticides are required, it has an extremely quick growth rate and requires much less water than cotton. There is no question that this the future of clothing and the most sustainable product on the market. Also, Afends send out all their products in completely compostable packaging – something the rest of the surf industry could learn a lot from.

Side note; Afends also make hemp boardies which look awesome!

Blogged By: Tim

*This product comes with the ‘Mick & Tim 2 Thumbs up Approval Rating’