“A naturally made zinc that lets you surf all day without getting burnt”

Price: $24.00
Link: https://surfmud.com/

Surf Mud is made by a crew of surfers on the Sunshine Coast specifically for surfers which means it stands up to the amount of water time we put in when the surf is pumping. They spent 6 years developing the formula which contains 30% Zinc and a mix of all-natural ingredients substituting the synthetic chemicals normally used in sun protection products. The zinc comes in a bronze colour and is reasonably thick to apply, however rubs in really well.

I took the Surf Mud zinc with me on a recent trip to the Maldives and I think my face may have come back paler than when I left! It lasts all day in the water and you will get plenty of use out of a tin; all up it’s the best zinc I’ve ever used.

Blogged By: Tim