“Every surfer needs one!”

Price: $100.00

Overview: I have been using this wetsuit bag for as long as I can remember and it just makes going to the beach and travelling 100x easier. The bag is 100% water proof so you can put your dry clothes and towels inside and no matter where you go they are always going to stay dry.
I went on a boat trip in Indonesia recently and there were times when everyone’s stuff was getting wet, especially things like phones, wallets, clothes, etc. but for me it was simple I just put everything inside my wetsuit bag, tied it shut and everything was kept perfectly dry!

Recommended Use: Anywhere you need to take a bag, beach days, holidays, work, this bag can just be used as a general backpack but then also has the amazing water proof feature.


  • 100% waterproof backpack
  • Plenty of room, much larger than a standard backpack


  • Great size, waterproof, can be used as a wet bag to put wet stuff in or then a dry bag to keep things from getting wet. Great multi-purpose backpack for everyday life!


  • There’s nothing to fault about this bag, does everything you need a backpack to do and more!

Blogged By: Ben Hucker