“A great set of large fins that provide lots of drive but enable you to turn on a dime.”

Price: $170 for thruster, $270 for tri-quad
Demos: Medium and Large (both in tri-quad)

Link: MB PC Fins (FCS Website)

Features: Thruster or tri-quad option, available in medium (65-80kg) and large (80kg-100kg), performance core construction and compatible with the FCSII system (no screws needed).

Overview: These fins worked great for me. Due to my weight and style of surfing I have always used medium fins (until the surf gets big), but a mate recommended that I increase the size of my fins so that I can generate more speed and drive out of my turns. I went with large Mayhems because I have always been a fan of more upright fins which have more pivot for tighter turns. I used them in my Channel Islands Bunny Chow and found they gave me the drive I need off the bottom whilst still allowing release and pivot in tighter turns. I have also played around with putting a smaller centre fin in the back when the waves are small to increases the release in turns which also didn’t reduce the drive and speed.

Mayhem Tri-Quad (Medium)

Mayhem Tri-Quad (Medium)

Recommended Use: I use these in my everyday board and conditions 1-5ft in anything from beach to reef breaks. They work great in my two main boards; the Bunny Chow by Channel Islands and V3 by Mayhem.


  • Lots of drive off the bottom
  • Lots of speed
  • Great in tight turns


    • To increase the release off the top I played around with reducing the size of the centre fin. I use the V-2 centre fin to do this.
Brad testing the large MB's at Uluwatu

Brad testing the large mayhem’s at Uluwatu

Blogged By: Brad Fraser